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  • Dr. Manjiri Deshpande Shenoy HEAD, ICGC MUMBAI

    Dr. Manjiri completed her DNB Psychiatry from Indlas Hospitals, Vijayawada and then did her Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry from NTR University in 2014.

    She returned to Mumbai in 2015 and took over the responsibility of starting ICGC Mumbai and is heading the clinic since then she has a keen interest in child and adolescent psychiatry.

    She has extensively trained in various therapies like CBT, DBT, REBT and conducts counselling for teenagers herself.

    She guides and leads the team and manages the administrative work and also social media where they spread awareness of various facets of child psychiatry.

    She has a mission to spread awareness in this field and also promote mental wellness of children, teenagers and families.

    She has written various articles, been featured in newspapers, contributed to various journals, textbook chapters on topics in child psychiatry.

    She has been invited as a speaker in many national child psychiatry conferences over the years and recently also presented at an International Child Psychiatry conference in Dubai.

  • Ms Nikita D’Souza Clinical Psychologist & Remedial Educator

    Ms Nikita D’Souza completed her Masters in Psychology (Clinical) in 2014. She has been a part of the ICGC family since April, 2015. She also completed Advanced Diploma in Counselling in 2018. She holds a certificate course in Remedial Education (2020). She also holds a Certificate in Play Therapy for the Differently Abled, as well as a Certificate in Foundations of Applied Behaviour Analysis.

    She is passionate about working with children and adolescents. She believes in building an excellent rapport with the child before working on their issues, be it academics or emotional issues.

    She believes in using an eclectic approach while working with her children. She is a strong believer and follower of Play Therapy and its skills.

    She also takes up counselling for young adults. She conducts workshops for teachers, students, and parents.

    She has been part of various webinars and live talks during the lockdown.

    She believes in spreading mental health awareness and fostering wellness among the population.

  • Ms Kajal Naik Social Media Manager

    Ms Kajal Naik completed her BAMMC in the year 2021. She has completed a course in Digital Marketing. She has been part of the ICGC family since 2019.

    She is passionate and dedicated when it comes to her work. She is very creative and an all-rounder when it comes to showcasing her skills. She is multi-talented and has a knack for designing and artistic work. She also has a knack for innovation. She has high aspirations when it comes to the progress and growth of ICGC and works hard to achieve it.

    Her excellent interpersonal skills, bonding with parents, very friendly nature and creative mindset has made her a favourite amongst parents and kids. She ensures the smooth functioning of the clinic.

  • Dr Sonali Parmar Occupational Therapist

    Dr Sonali Parmar completed her Bachelors of Occupational Therapy (B.O.Th) in the year 2017. She has been a part of the ICGC family since August 2019.

    She is dedicated towards her work. She is very patient when it comes to dealing with difficult and somewhat unmanageable children. She is an excellent team-player. She likes to take up challenges. She likes to experiment with her therapeutic skills. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to her work.

  • Dr Rajila Rachel Rajamani Occupational Therapist

    Completed her (Bachelor of Occupational Therapy) B.O.Th in the year 2020. She has been a part of the ICGC family since July 2021.

    She is compassionate, empathetic, and enthusiastic when it comes to working with children. Her aim is to make children as independent as possible in all of spheres of life. She comes up with innovative and creative ideas when it comes to her therapy skills. Children love her to the core. She guides parents well enough to reduce their anxieties about their developing children. She works to the best of her ability. She is one of the wittiest therapists among the team members.

    She believes in working with children and their families / caregivers in a holistic manner. She makes sure her therapy goals set for children are achievable and works hard to get there.

  • Dr Payal Unhelkar Occupational Therapist

    Dr Payal Unhelkar completed her Bachelors of Occupational Therapy (B.O.Th) in the year 2017, after which she went on to pursue her Masters in Occupational Therapy (Developmental Disabilities) in the year, 2020. She has been a part of the ICGC family since July 2022.

    She is very calm when it comes to her work and dealing with children and their parents. She is drawn towards working with children because of their innocence and joy-loving / fun-loving nature. She is a very good team-player.

    She endorses family-centered therapy and is passionate about her work. She likes the nourishing environment of ICGC and likes to give her hundred percent when it comes to planning intervention for children.

  • Mrs Hemali Chandrakant Patil Assistant Therapist

    Mrs Hemali Patil has been a part of the ICGC family since the year. She assists all of the therapists during their respective therapies. She is passionate when it comes to working with children.

    She makes sure the clinic runs smooth. She welcomes everyone who enters clinic with a smile on her face. She is a great team-player.

  • Ms Vrushali Shah Counselling Psychologist

    Ms Vrushali Shah completed her Masters in Psychology (Counselling) and Diploma in Sports Psychology in the year 2022. She has been a part of the ICGC family since October, 2022.

    She is passionate and hard-working. She is extremely approachable not only as a therapist but also as an individual. Her aim is to use unique psychological approaches for the well-being of her clients / children. Her wish is to create a remarkable impression at ICGC.

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